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I’m neither fat, sick, nor close to dying. I think not, anyway. But this is the title of a great movie/video/documentary/whatchyoumacallit. Simply put: It’s the most motivating health presentation I’ve ever seen.

The documentary follows the path of two obese men with a similar autoimmune disease. Both go on a 60 day fast where they drink only fresh fruit and vegetable juice and water. Both experience drastic increase in health and establish a permanent lifestyle change. It’s a must see.

Coincidentally, my roommate’s sister has just added juicing to her diet, and she’s noticed a big difference in her health. The biggest thing she mentioned to me is that she has much more energy now.

Watching that movie got me off the couch! I went out and exercised as soon as I finished watching it. I’m not at the point where I’m exercising consistently, but I’m considering different options for a regular exercise routine. I’m taking John’s registration for the Hawk Island Triathlon this summer, so I have something to work for. I want to glorify God with my health. =D

Now for an exercise partner…