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Recently I was visiting a practice room in the music building at La Sierra University. I noticed some writing on the room’s dry-erase board.

Love is a fatal infection.
Like a poison it seeps through you
killing everything inside you when it leaves.
It is fleeting and not good company.
After its embrace you feel the need
to take it again and again,
constantly striving for a different result.
But the truth is that
it will always hurt and wound the needy
and be a weapon for those lacking in remorse.
Be afraid and protect yourself.
Because it will never be good to you.

Underneath this quote was a drawing of a broken heart.

I felt sad for this person. Whatever they have gone through must not be good. I wish they had had a better experience.

I’m not the best writer or poet, but I decided to write a response. I felt the need to respond to this person in a positive way and I thought this would be a good creative exercise for myself. I thought about it for a while and wrote this:

But that love is a counterfeit.
There is another love
that was before that other love.
This true love seeks not her own.
It seeks to live, to serve.
It fills, not empties;
It fixes, not breaks;
It heals, not kills.
This love casts out fear
and is like a well that springs
to ever lasting life.
The other is a lie,
but this satisfies.
Never go back. I never will.

Underneath my quote I drew a heart with a cross inside.

I will probably never know who it was who wrote that original verse, but whoever it was, I wish they were filled with hope.