GeneRally is simple, small, fun, arcade-style racing computer game. I pronounce the name as JEAN/GENE’-rally.

I discovered the game in 2002 while browsing the internet for add-ons for NASCAR Racing 4, my favorite game at the time (the real deal. I played with steering wheel and pedals and competed online very frequently). I saw GeneRally at RaceSimCentral, a massive internet community at that time with reviews and resources for many computer racing games. The main page had a picture of a community made track, Milano66. My interest was instantly grabbed, and I joined the game’s small but active online community.

Milano66 by Lol SpeedFreak

Milano66 by Lol SpeedFreak

Ten years later, that community is still alive, and thriving. The original creators (Hannu and Jukka Räbinä) finished development of the game in December 2003, but two community leaders, James Burgess and Markku Hyrkäs, with the Räbinäs’ permission, have recently released final updates. And now development is underway for a sequel! Ten years later, and the community is still creating new tracks, cars, racing competitions, and more (quality continues to improve).

I never really got into track-making or car-making. I just raced. The only thing about the game that somewhat limited it was its inability for online multiplayer (I no longer think that). So what did I do? Organize a competition where players sent in their results from identical races. Competitions still happen on a weekly basis, and perhaps in part competitions are what has kept the community going 10 years later. It may not be much, but I do have my own place in the history of this good little game.

I stopped actively participating some time in 2003 or 2004, but I every now and then I drop in and race in a competition or two. I almost won the GeneRally Indy 500 in 2009 (3rd, 3.84 seconds behind). I’m not the fastest driver, but I am quick. Usually I finish inside the top 10. Yes, they have world rankings and I can be found there (as bgcatfan). I just dropped in to do another couple of races. We’ll see how I do!