Saturday, March 6, 2010

This morning was the only morning all we didn’t have group worship. After morning prayer (can’t miss that!) we had our personal devotions and then we got ready for church. This was a blessed Sabbath, as not only did we get to participate in the church service, but students from around the region came to spend Sabbath with us as well (as part of ANEW). We taught four Sabbath school classes. Eunice M. and I taught one, Gary and Bamiji taught one, and I’m not sure who taught the other two. Our lesson study was on self-control, one of the fruits of the Spirit.

After Sabbath, in a small section between Sabbath School and the Worship service, I interviewed Jacqui about what we did this week. It was a testimony but in an interview format. After the interview Eunice S. presented our Thank You’s and gifts to the church. We presented the English church with a photo collage of the different things we did during the week. We’re so happy to have come to this church. We wish could stay here.

During the worship service, a number of us had different roles (song leaders, special music, Scripture Reading, intercessory prayer). Taku presented the sermon. He spoke about 2 Corinthians 5:14 and how our motivation in everything we do should be the love of Christ. At the end he called for a decision for us to choose the love of God as our motivation, and then he called for people to come forward who wanted to devote some time in the next year to full-time ministry. I went forward, as I’ve been convicted that God wants me to canvass this summer. I will apply for the Michigan Conference/CAMPUS ExCEL program this week.

After the service and after lunch, we set up for our afternoon seminars. Eunice S. presented her seminar on the master plan of evangelism and small groups that she had presented earlier in the week, Taku and Isabella presented on Muslim ministry, Rocky presented on creation, evolution, and the credibility of Scripture (I think), and I presented on how to give Bible studies. We finished our session by having a Q&A session with us presenters on the panel.

In the evening we had a concert/testimony session. The pastor started by telling us the story of how Jacqui came to him to ask for support for the campus ministry and how they gave their full support and wanted to do everything they could for it. He said he wished that 25 of us had come from Michigan, but was happy even for the 10 of us.  After the Pastor thanked the church members for their support of our group, Jazlyn and Malcom, two Rutgers students, gave their testimonies. Eunice M. and Bamiji were the two students from Michigan that gave their testimonies. Four other students from the surrounding states gave testimonies about what God is doing on their campus. Because of the length of the program, we cut out some of the songs and only had the men’s group from the church sing two songs. Eunice S. gave a short devotional to end our program.

The church then provided us with our last meal. We enjoyed spending time with the church, Rutgers students, and ANEW students and didn’t want the night to end because it was our last moments with them. Before we left, the men’s group sang “Open my heart” for us. It was the song they sang for us at vespers the first night we arrived, and it was a blessing to hear it one more time before we left. We’ll miss them!

We then left to go to the Pastor’s house where we played Wa! until we had to go back to the hotel. We said our goodbyes and climbed in the van to leave. We got back around 11 and those who needed to sleep did. Taku, Eunice S., Leanne, and I met with a couple of the Rutgers students and some of the ANEW students in Princeton where we had bubble tea or frozen yogurt. We stayed there until midnight, enjoying fellowship and playing Wa! and other group games right there inside the yogurt place. We said our last goodbyes and headed back to the hotel.

We’ll miss this group. It’s been an intense blessing to do full-time ministry for a week, to see them be blessed, and to be with our brothers and sisters in Christ. They’re family to us now and we’ll miss them.

We hope to leave somewhere around 6a.m. tomorrow so we can get back to Michigan in the afternoon. Unfortunately, this trip has to end sometime and reality will set back in. I pray that our spiritual experience this week will carry over with us when we go back to school in Michigan.